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The response to the new series, Behind the Site, has been great. A number of you have offered up a look behind the curtain of your sites, so there are plenty on the way.

This week’s Behind the Site is WP eBooks, a site run by Ron and Andrea Rennick. In this post they (well, Andrea) will tell you about the site, what plugins they are using, and what they’ve customized to make it work the way it does.

About the site

WP eBooks is a commercial site that specializes in products for WordPress networks (Multisite). The shopping cart is handled by e-Junkie and we use BuddyPress for the support area.

User registration is manual, and users request invites to product-specific support groups. Once we cross-reference their username email with their payment, we add them to the right group.

We’re using the following plugins:

We have also customized a couple of plugins:

We created these plugins custom for the site:

  • BuddyPress Navigation – Logged in users have an extra menu in the BuddyPress admin bar which gives them direct access to the support area of the support groups they belong to. Also, a handful of the BuddyPress navigation items are removed.
  • Block Site Activity Feed – For the privacy of members, the site activity feed is completely blocked.
  • Group Downloads for BuddyPress – Ron wrote a secure BuddyPress component to handle uploaded product updates.

We’ve customized templates too:

  • The BuddyPress site activity stream is only visible to site admins.
  • Group membership counts are only visible to group members on private groups.
  • Only site admins are allowed to post to the activity streams.

Theme customization

The theme is a Genesis child theme which is a customized version of Enterprise. It’s been tweaked several times over the last year with most of the customization via CSS & a custom home page.

Be featured on “Behind the Site”

Thanks for the insight Andrea and Ron! If you have a WordPress site with an interesting story, using a clever mix of plugins and a theme to pull off its beauty, let us know and it just might be the next site we take a peak behind.

In the meantime, what do you think? Did you find this look behind to be an interesting one?

9 thoughts on “Behind the Site: WordPress Multisite shop

  1. I’m happy my donation happened to power this post. Andrea and Ron are great peeps and have made tons of contributions to the WordPress community. Hopefully I will run into them at a WordCamp in the future so I can buy them a drink. 🙂

  2. What Ron and Andrea do with their own site should serve as an example of the infinite customization capabilities of WordPress and Multisite. If you can dream it you can do it! Tee hee:)

  3. Yes! Interesting indeed. Thanks for sharing.

    I wrote today’s ProBlogger guest post to share some of the ways we’ve built a successful WordPress MultiSite network at Tripawds, and would be happy to refine it with more specifics about the nuts and bolts that keep our community together. Please let me know where to submit the article if your interested.

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