Gallery of beautiful people wearing beautiful WPCandy shirts


It was only a few weeks ago when we ran off our first set of WPCandy shirts. We have taken them to a number of WordCamps, meetups in our various areas, and in a few special instances mailed them out to folks. While handing out all this free torso decoration I’ve noticed something odd, but not altogether surprising.

These people are all very attractive. But man, they are even better looking wearing a WPCandy shirt.

Have a look at our beautiful community just after the jump, and find out how you can snag a WPCandy shirt for yourself. If you have a shirt and would like to see yourself on this page as well, send a photo our way.

Brendan Sera-Shriar of Vanilla Forums rocking the WPCandy shirt.

Abbie Sanderson and her very own WPCandy shirt. We first met Shayne, her husband, at WordCamp Detroit 2010, then both of them at WordCamp Phoenix 2011. She's technically next to the shirt, but we'll let is slip this one time!

Nicholas Weaver in Fort Wayne Indiana, straight up modeling the shirt! He's @ Nicholas_Weaver on Twitter.

Justin Jones, @jjonesftw on Twitter, a WPCandy/WordPress lover in Fort Wayne Indiana.

Tony Gemayel's girlfriend wearing the WPCandy shirt. He is @twogiraffes on Twitter, and we first met him at WordCamp Miami 2011.

WPCandy contributor Brian Krogsgard rocking the WPCandy shirt. He's @krogsgard on Twitter.

Ashley Hittinger rocking the WPCandy shirt. She's @arae on Twitter.

How to get your own shirt and see it featured here

One thing you may notice is your gorgeous WPCandy shirt wearing body missing from this page. That just can’t be! While we aren’t directly selling our shirts, there are two ways you can come across a shirt of your own:

  • Run into a WPCandy crew member or contributor at a WordCamp or meetup. Or on the street I suppose, but that might be weird. Or awesome.
  • Power WPCandy for a day. Anyone who powers the site for a day or more has a shirt coming their way, just as our way of saying thanks.

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  1. Thanks for the inclusion! I love that shirt, and so does my gf. It was really great meeting you guys, hopefully we can meet up at another Wordcamp later this year!

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