WPCandy Podcast 22: Truthiness of a Rumor edition


This week brings us episode 22 of the WPCandy Podcast, where we talk WordPress for an absurd amount of time every 7 days. This week we discuss blog comments, Single Serving PluginsTM, and just what constitutes a rumor.

Jump straight into the podcast audio here:

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Link-wise, this week we covered:

Brian’s pick was a plugin called Nyan Cat that really makes distraction free writing better. Ryan’s was the Blog Metrics plugin by Joost de Valk.

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4 thoughts on “WPCandy Podcast 22: Truthiness of a Rumor edition

  1. Pfft. The longest record was when Ray and I were on. lol Although I’m sure people hated it.

  2. It was very cool to hear the chat about Twenty Eleven. 1 correction: Duster was an Automattic Theme Team creation — not just an Ian Stewart creation.

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