Podcast 012: Charts by Oatmeal edition


Has it really been weeks since the last podcast? Wow. In WPCandy Podcast 012 we discussed the bbPress plugin project, Giant Theme’s closing, oDesk’s report findings, and the top WordPress stories of 2010.

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This week’s show hosts were:

JD’s pick was Anthologize, a WordPress plugin that turns content in WordPress into an electronic book. My pick was actually a cheat: Ashley, my girlfriend, is hand stitching the WPCandy and WordPress logos for a couple of projects. Photos after the jump.

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Hand stitched logos gallery

5 thoughts on “Podcast 012: Charts by Oatmeal edition

  1. This was just what I was missing. Welcome back podcast 🙂

    As far as topics, I really think bbPress is going to get downloaded a zillion times once a stable release hits plugin form. I think we’ll see a theme or two integrate it to say the least.

  2. Welcome back podcast! To answer an earlier question, what I like about the podcast:

    “Pick of the week” is a great idea. It’s hard to follow a river of news about any topic, and it’s helpful when someone highlights something in particular they think is interesting or great. I very much appreciate this section of the program.

    I appreciate the on-topic-ness of this episode. I know it can be fun with good friends to sit in the studio and BS around a topic, but some of the in-jokes were tiring. No racism callout this week, no “secret” insertion of “anal sex”, no nazi references. I’m the least PC person around, but those jokes may have been funny to you guys and even funny to others, but to me they were just OT.

    I’m excited about the idea of guests on the show. I like hearing perspectives from successful creators on how they get things done and where they’re coming from. Especially from open-source projects, I love hearing about the itch that causes someone to scratch it, er, the problem that they needed solving that prompted their solution.

    Keep it up, great work!

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