WPCandy Podcast 004

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Ashley, JD and I return to you this week for the third episode of the WPCandy WordPress Podcast.

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This week on the podcast, we discussed:

WordPress picks this week:

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One thought on “WPCandy Podcast 004

  1. Regarding the donation of the trademark, see Matt’s comment on his post:

    Correct — WordPress.com (Automattic) and .net/.org (me) are grandfathered in as part of the transfer, so they’ll continue to operate as before, but no special rights for any new domains which would need to go through the Foundation just like anyone else. I’m not really worried about that as there are no plans to call anything new “WordPress.”

    I had to look up the Grandfather Clause, so here’s what WikiPedia says about it:

    A grandfather clause is an exception that allows an old rule to continue to apply to some existing situations, when a new rule will apply to all future situations.

    You learn so much about legal issues following the WordPress world…

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