The WPCandy WordPress Podcast, episode 001


The very first WPCandy WordPress Podcast

Congratulations on being one of the first listeners to the WPCandy WordPress Podcast! Episode 001 features myself (Ryan) and JD Bentley (@jdbentley, WPCandy News Editor) discussing the new website, the events of the week, and what to expect from the podcast going forward.

A few programming notes:

  • The podcast will be available on iTunes shortly, and this post will be updated with subscription information. Until then, enjoy the player in post, or the MP3 download link.
  • If you would like your email read on a future WPCandy podcast, send an email to [email protected] with your question, comment, or thought and we’ll do our best to read it on the show.

It’s both exciting and frightening to start a new podcast. Exciting because it’s new and creating something where nothing was before. It’s frightening for the same reason, and because the first of anything is always the hardest to finish. So the hard part is over!

Please let us know your thoughts, how we can improve, and the sorts of things you would like to hear about.

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Also: Download the MP3 Playing time: 28 minutes, 11 seconds

3 thoughts on “The WPCandy WordPress Podcast, episode 001

  1. Wow, I never realized how polished and informed Jeff, Charles, and Joost all are in their podcasting. I think you need to work on your “um” editing.

    Also, having good show notes before hand is always helpful, and lastly, be over informed on what you want to talk about.

    Keep talking about the things your are passionate about in WordPress, and try to smile when you speak. It comes through on the listener side. 🙂

    The second half of the show is way better than the first half, and shows the potential for your show. Keep pushing forwards, and I think it will be a great addition to the community.

    • Sure, any first podcast compared to someone else’s podcast in the double digits or higher is going to be a rough one. But if we held off until everything was perfect on this first one, we never would have gotten started. So we’re looking forward to it improving.

      Anyway, thanks for checking it out David.

    • That’s a pretty harsh comment David. I honestly thought it was great for a first episode. Go back and listen to the first episode of WP Weekly or the SitePoint Podcast. They are both very rough and hard to listen to. Podcasting is certainly an art form and takes time to evolve into a perfectly polished show.

      I say bravo to both Ryan and JD, nice work guys! I plan on listening to future episodes and would love to be a guest on the show someday 😉

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