WPCandy Podcast 36: Sticker Furniture with David Bisset


WPCandy Podcast 36 with David Bisset

In this episode of our podcast David Bisset was kind enough to join me to discuss his upcoming event WordCamp Miami, BuddyPress, and other noteworthy WordPress news of the week. David even gets greedy and offers up somewhere around 3 or 4 WordPress picks for the week. Honestly, I lost count.

You can follow David on Twitter, visit his website (and hire him!) and of course register/sponsor/adore WordCamp Miami in April.

Show notes and download links are after the jump.

Show Notes

David also recommended this video overviewing the upcoming BuddyPress 1.7.

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10 thoughts on “WPCandy Podcast 36: Sticker Furniture with David Bisset

  1. David,

    You sounded fine.

    The main reason most BuddyPress themes all look the same is because they have been a derivative of the default theme. This has been mostly required because a lot of BuddyPress Component add-ons included template files in their plugins that were based on the default theme directory and profile structure.

    Also, the premium theme shops just hated dealing with BP template files. BP 1.7 will allow a theme to customize the default BP template by including extra styles. You can edit and include custom theme files if you want to further customize a theme but it is a lot easier for a theme developer to just worry about some extra CSS.

    • Yep, which is why i was praising 1.7’s upcoming release. But even if it’s easier to customize, i was talking beyond the look (or at least that is what i was thinking when i said it). Regardless i can’t wait to see more exciting BuddyPress designs and integrations.

    • It’s a bit worrisome, to me, that theme shops have stayed away from BuddyPress so much. All things considered, it isn’t the most difficult thing to do. It just takes a little more work. Would be nice to see more commercial devs take on the challenge.

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