WPCandy Podcast 35, with special guest Jake Caputo


WPCandy Podcast #35

Jake Caputo started up quite a discussion this week centered on his being prohibited from speaking at WordCamps due to listing split licensed themes on the ThemeForest marketplace. Jake was kind enough to join me on The WPCandy Podcast to chat about his editorial and the state of the community on this divisive issue.

He also stuck around to discuss other WordPress news this week, and offer a couple of WordPress tips. It’s a fun episode, have a listen below!

You can follow Jake on Twitter, see his work and read his blog at Design Crumbs, and listen to his podcast Please Advise.

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Show Notes

19 thoughts on “WPCandy Podcast 35, with special guest Jake Caputo

    • Yep, John is correct. As Jake mentioned, the license overhaul has been in the works for months, certainly not thrown together and pushed out as a same-day response to this issue 🙂

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    • I was wondering if there were sites like this out there. Curious to know how many sales they actually make since I would imagine a buyer must know of WooThemes beforehand and know he’s doing something pretty unethical when purchasing from that site.

  2. Good to see another WPCandy podcast in my queue, keep ’em coming Ryan!

    I saw Jake speak at WordCamp Chicago last year, he did a great job and it would be a shame if he couldn’t be there this year, so I hope that the WordPress Foundation and Envato can come to some kind of agreement.

    But, he does have that fake mustache…

  3. “I make more money in a day at Theme Forest than I do in an entire year at Mojo” – Jake @ 13:30

    I think that’s the big takeaway from this, that for many developers Theme Forest isn’t something they can just abandon if they want to make a living from WordPress development.

  4. Wow! Thanks Jake for mentioning WP Email Capture, Thanks Ryan for featuring it 🙂

    Just to clarify something in the podcast….it’s pronounced “Reece Win”. It’s Welsh in origin and I have the unusual quirk of not being able to properly pronounce my own name….

    Close enough though! 🙂

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