WPCandy Podcast 34: “Plugin reviews and the Theme Hook Alliance”

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This week Brian Krogsgard and I sat down and discussed a couple of recent topics that have been popping up in the WordPress community: WordPress dot org plugin reviews and the Theme Hook Alliance.

If you’d like to jump quickly to one discussion or another, the plugin discussion is first and the theme hook talk starts up at sixteen minutes in.

[audio http://wpcandy.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/WPCandy-Podcast-034-Plugin-reviews-and-THA.mp3|titles=WPCandy Podcast 34 Plugin reviews and the Theme Hook Alliance]

Episode 34 Show Notes

Show notes for this episode include:

One thought on “WPCandy Podcast 34: “Plugin reviews and the Theme Hook Alliance”

  1. Thanks for metioning my plugin durring the Theme Hook Alliance discussion (I’m the Breadcrumb NavXT guy). I agree, it would be nice if things would “just work”, no code modification, no adding a widget. Making that work requires standardization. I agree that THA is a great starting point. Though, the hooks suggested by THA as of today, don’t have a clear breadcrumbs hook, which should probably exist (opened an issue for it here: Standardized “Meta” Hooks). If that hook gets into THA, the next version of Breadcrumb NavXT will support it. Then it’s up to themes to start using THA rather than just their own proprietary set.

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