Ryan Duff hopes the crowd will fund his trip to WCSF


Update: He raised the money needed in less than 24 hours.

Ryan Duff is known in the WordPress community, not only for the drink named after him[ref]See Brad’s drink during just about any episode of WP Late Night.[/ref] but also as a contributor to the project and contract developer. Earlier today he started an Indiegogo campaign to help him fund his trip to WordCamp San Francisco this year. He explains why:

I got a ticket for WCSF and was working my tail off so I could buy airfare. About 3 weeks ago I injured my back and was unable to work for 2 full weeks which has now set me back on all my bills. I can no longer afford airfare or hotel (SF is expensive!!!). I’m asking for your help to get me there.

Duff is asking for $1500, and so far today as brought in $285. If you’re inclined to help him out: $25 gets a thank-you tweet, $100 a blog post about you, and for $500 you can send him a shirt that he’ll wear on Saturday at WordCamp San Francisco. Duff also said that if contributions come in he will spend more time contributing during the WordPress 3.5 development cycle.

You can check out the campaign on Indiegogo and see him tweeting out thanks on Twitter.

Aftertaste #26: After WP Late Night 16 (with Scott Kingsley Clark and Brian Richards)


True to form, last night’s episode of Aftertaste surpassed WP Late Night in length, class guests, and entertainment-per-minute. Your WP Late Night experience really isn’t complete without the Aftertaste, right?

Last night we were joined by special (and unplanned) guests Scott Kingsley Clark of Pods Framework fame, and Brian Richards who is working to organize WordCamp Grand Rapids at the moment.

Have a listen:

WP Late Night #16 “Thingamatini”


Brad Williams, Dre Armeda and I rocked out another episode of WP Late Night this week: episode #16 forever dubbed Thingamatini. And you’ll just have to listen to find out why we called it that.

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The less we all talk about WordPress, the better


Last week on the WPCandy Roundtable Podcast with the BuddyPress Core Team, someone submitted the question “What are the chances of a BuddyPress Camp in the future?”

I thought the question was a lighthearted, fun one that might evoke a joke or two, o seven some more of Boone Gorges singing (which it kind of did). I didn’t expect this really insightful response to the question from John James Jacoby:

If the community was to the point, and large enough where someone wanted to throw together a BuddyPress only thing, I would be totally down for it.

That said, I think what would be the segue towards that is to have a plugin camp. You know, let’s just talk about all the cool plugins specifically. And it can still be like a WordCamp where there’s a user track and how to pick a plugin and how to use a plugin and which ones are favorites and you can have a developer track where developers can talk just about the plugins they’re building…

So eventually for it to get to the point where plugins can just have their own conference, and WordCamp can still sort of be all the things in one, I think that would be a stepping stone toward BuddyPress having its own event.

That made me stop and think quite a bit, both during the show (around the 52 minute mark of the episode) and afterward. The more I think about it, the more I think conferences focused on plugins and brands built on WordPress will really help confirm the strength of the WordPress platform.

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Tickets for WordCamp Edinburgh UK 2012 go on sale


If you’ve awaited news on WordCamp Edinburgh UK 2012 and when ticket sales start, then today is your lucky day. You can now get your hands on an early bird ticket for £35, as long as you order it before June 1st when it increases to £45. The ticket price entitles you to two days worth of speakers and a social event on Saturday night. What more could you want?

Sponsorships are also available, ranging from £75 to £1,000 (which covers the official social event on Saturday night).

So are you looking forward to WordCamp Edinburgh UK and your visit to Scotland?

Follow WordCamp Austin and Seattle from the comfort of your home


WordCamp Seattle and WordCamp Austin are happening this weekend. Actually, they’re happening right now. Since it’s far too late to snag a ticket and run over there (far, far too late), I suggest you attend the events in whatever way you can:

Just because you can’t be there doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy (part of) the show. And hey, while you’re here in this post, why don’t you share the next WordCamp you plan to attend in the flesh. Visit WordCamp Central to see the events happening all over planet Earth in the near future.

Aftertaste #15: After WP Late Night 8


This episode of Aftertaste follows WP Late Night #8, and is a real doozy. We dig into the WordCamp topic a little bit more, as you might expect, and spend a few minutes planning for the future of WP Late Night. You know, just in case you’re into that sort of talk.

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WP Late Night #8: “My wife doesn’t allow that”


Frederick Townes, creator of the W3 Total Cache plugin and Senior Technical Advisor at Mashable, joined in last night for WP Late Night #8. We followed up on the WPMods and ThemeThrift discussions from last week, went over freelancer prices and books about WordPress, and finished up with a bit of a back and forth over issues facing WordCamp organizers. We were also briefly joined by Tony Perez (who wrote last week’s blog post that had everyone talking) when we discussed WordCamps.

This episode is sponsored by WordPress theme shop CSSIgniter and SeedProd’s Coming Soon Pro plugin.

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