A closer look at the WPCandy site and logo redesign


This week sees the relaunch of WPCandy, with a new design, fresh content, and a new vision. It has been great to see the response so far.

All week we’ll be posting about the launch, offering some information on where the site is going, and running a couple of giveaways. You can follow the launch posts at the v4 launch tag.

Today, we’re going to take a look at the new design, particularly why it works the way it does. The logo, layout, navigation, and even geeky permalink stories lurk below the jump.

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Welcome to the new and improved WPCandy


WPCandy version 3 is shown on the left, version 4 is on the right.

Hello out there!

It has been some time since you’ve been officially greeted on WPCandy, but I’m happy to bring it back into the spotlight today. If all works the way it should (and it should) the WPCandy RSS feed should be grinding back to life in feed readers all over the world–just the way it should be. And if you’re currently in a feed reader, be sure to jump over to the site to check out the new look and fresh content.

Lots to talk about today, so let’s get started!

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