Official Facebook WordPress plugin makes your site social in a couple of clicks


Facebook has developed and released a new official WordPress plugin called (not surprisingly) Facebook. The plugin’s short description says “Make your WordPress site social in a couple of clicks, powered by Facebook.”

The new plugin is available now on the plugin directory, and based on the initial offering it could very well be the definite Facebook plugin for WordPress.

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Things get more revealing for and Twitter


Things improved for those on last week, when Matt Mullenweg announced enhanced Twitter embedding on their hosted service. That’s awesome for them, but many of you run your own blogs and will care about the other part of the announcement, which is that you can now preview a link in a tweet without leaving the Twitter website.

Links shortened using the URL (which is available for self-hosted sites using the Jetpack plugin) will now offer up previews when viewing a tweet on I took the liberty of testing it out and was very happy with the results. In addition to that, Matt mentioned that linking your Twitter account to your Gravatar profile will now enable a simpler follow button so others can follow you right from that page.

Does anyone here use the shortened URLs, or do you stick to using your own site’s short links?