WP Late Night #29: “You fork, I’ll spoon”


WP Late Night is back in full swing tonight with Brad, Dre and Ryan discussing the news of the week and the big WordPress events of the month. If you’ve been wondering about Pressnomics, John O’Nolan’s Ghost project, or Jetpack Photon than this is the show for you.


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Or you can grab the show in a few other ways:

Show notes are just after the jump!

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“But we’d make more money if we didn’t release those plugins.”


Speaking of plugins, Joost de Valk has published some of his thought process behind charging for his latest plugin release. I found this bit interesting:

There are some (though few) donations, there are people ordering website reviews, hiring me as a consultant etc. But we’d make more money if we didn’t release those plugins. That’s the cold and harsh reality. I’m not willing to stop releasing those plugins though. I’ve always said they’ll be free and I want to keep those that I’ve released for free, free.

In the post he says the sales of his Video SEO plugin have gone well, and he’ll be selling another plugin soon.


Tony Perez reflects on PressNomics and plugins


Tony Perez of Sucuri Security fame shared his initial thoughts on the weekend’s PressNomics event, specifically a discussion around commercial plugins:

What I understand of the discussion is simple. If a feature can be turned into a commodity then Matt feels it should not be commercialized. If it cannot then it’s ok to be commercialized. These are his founding principles and why you only see certain plugins in the list of Autommattic products. There is nothing wrong with this belief, unless we’re saying that the belief is further exasperated by some unwarranted action, that’d be a different story. But a belief or ideal in it of itself is of not real impact to anyone.

I would also take a look at the last few of Tony’s posts — there are a few fun photos from the event in there too.

Jetpack’s Photon could end up being a pretty big deal


Jetpack is nothing if not a fairly divisive plugin in the WordPress community. At this point I’m sure we’ve all had more than a couple of conversations about its positive features and its more frustrating ones. With Jetpack 2.0, though, the new Photon feature may prove to be one of the more impressive offerings of the bunch for users and developers.

Photon, when enabled, will filter through the site’s content and, if the images are local to the site, pass them off to WordPress.com and serve them via their content delivery network. So, for example, the post image above would be served from the following URL: http://i0.wp.com/original-image-url.png?resize=600.

For the average WordPress user, getting this going only takes them installing Jetpack and turning this feature on. I’m not familiar with every CDN service out there, but this sounds like the easiest free way anyone can serve up their images from a CDN. Less taxing on the site’s host, likely faster page loads, and all without the user needing to learn a lot about the service or the setup process.

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Automattic releases Jetpack 2.0: Publicize, post by email, infinite scroll and “photon”


This morning Automattic released version 2.0 of their Jetpack plugin. This, the tenth release of the plugin, includes four new features: publicize, post by email, infinite scroll, and photon.

The first few features will sound somewhat familiar if you’ve used WordPress.com in the past. Publicize allows you to post to various social platforms when you publish, post by email lets you, well, post by email, and infinite scroll will automatically load your posts as visitors scroll down your page instead of requiring they click to view the next set of posts.

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Raven releases free schema generation plugin for WordPress


Periodically, I hear about a plugin that just makes me say, “Yes!” Today is one of those days. Raven Internet Marketing Tools, the company behind some incredibly popular SEO and internet marking tools, has released a free WordPress plugin that makes creating schema data dead simple.

Raven worked with well known WordPress developer Andrew Norcross to create the plugin, aptly named Schema Creator. Though the announcement for Schema Creator is not yet live, the plugin is available in the WordPress plugin repository for your consumption. I’ve given it a spin myself, and considering I already knew Andrew Norcross was a great developer (seriously, follow him on Twitter or something), I’m not surprised that it works exactly as advertised.

How to use the Schema Creator plugin

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WPCandy Podcast 34: “Plugin reviews and the Theme Hook Alliance”


This week Brian Krogsgard and I sat down and discussed a couple of recent topics that have been popping up in the WordPress community: WordPress dot org plugin reviews and the Theme Hook Alliance.

If you’d like to jump quickly to one discussion or another, the plugin discussion is first and the theme hook talk starts up at sixteen minutes in.

[audio http://wpcandy.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/WPCandy-Podcast-034-Plugin-reviews-and-THA.mp3|titles=WPCandy Podcast 34 Plugin reviews and the Theme Hook Alliance]

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Discussions around dot org plugin reviews pick up speed


Spurned on by a few tweets earlier this week, discussions around a review process and volunteer team for the WordPress.org plugin directory is picking up momentum. Following responses to Jake Goldman’s tweet:

The following evening (and nearly running right up and against our WP Late Night podcast recording) Otto hosted a Google Hangout where those involved in that initial discussion could air their thoughts. The Hangout included more than a dozen folks like Shane Pearlman, Jake Goldman, John Hawkins, and WPCandy alum Brian Krogsgard.

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Aftertaste #26: After WP Late Night 16 (with Scott Kingsley Clark and Brian Richards)


True to form, last night’s episode of Aftertaste surpassed WP Late Night in length, class guests, and entertainment-per-minute. Your WP Late Night experience really isn’t complete without the Aftertaste, right?

Last night we were joined by special (and unplanned) guests Scott Kingsley Clark of Pods Framework fame, and Brian Richards who is working to organize WordCamp Grand Rapids at the moment.

Have a listen:


If you must, do it this way.


Alex King explains how they handle including plugin functionality in their themes:

Since the theme is loading in last, we can use that to our advantage. If the plugin has been installed separately as a plugin (and not as part of the theme), we will be able to see that it is active. If it is already active, we don’t want to load it again a second time.

In our FavePersonal theme we added an additional check in the if statement to see if the setting to activate the Social plugin was turned on. This allows us to avoid loading the plugin if the site owner has decided to disable this functionality.

If you must include a plugin’s functionality in your theme, this is the way to do it.