PSA: Hey admins, don’t make yourselves subscribers by accident


There’s a slight, but fairly significant, bug present in WordPress 3.3. If you try to (where you are an administrator on your site) you can set yourself as a subscriber and therefore lock yourself out of your own site. Consider this a public service announcement to let you know that you can set yourself as a subscriber, so you are conscious about not doing it.

For the curious, currently within the bulk editing tools on the Users Dashboard page you can select yourself and set yourself as a subscriber (or technically any other role).

There’s a fix pending for WordPress 3.3.1 that was recently committed, so just make sure you don’t do it between now and the 3.3.1 update and you should be fine.

In case you missed it: Multisite support for VaultPress is official


It’s been about three months since VaultPress previewed their new Multisite support, where they invited beta testers to come and help them test it out in the wild. We’re a bit late on this news, but there’s a good chance you might not have heard: a little while ago VaultPress announced that Multisite support had now been officially added to the plugin.

Krista Stevens pointed out within the announcement that each site would still require an individual subscription, with the cheapest option currently being $15 per month. VaultPress will still function as normal with your main site and backup the networks user table, plugins, and themes.

The (good) news swept round the internet and Twitter, although I do think a couple of people would have liked a different pricing structure. Donnacha Mac Gloinn mentioned it in the comments of the announcement post, where Pete Davis was on had with a reply:

[…] I agree with you that many companies would introduce some kind of sliding scale pricing with a product like this, and it’s something that we’ll probably look at too, but not yet: we’re focused on getting all the features built first.

Andrea Rennick does make an interesting point in a short post on WPMUTutorials.

Do you use VaultPress, and are you excited to see Multisite support as much as others are? Do you think they should have introduced a sliding scale pricing structure right from the start, or is it a smart move to get the functionality in place first?

BackupBuddy plugin now supports Multisite import/export


The latest beta release of PluginBuddy’s BackupBuddy plugin includes the ability to backup, restore, and import within a Multisite network. Many of these features were available in the special Multisite version of BackupBuddy that was available in July to PluginBuddy members. Now they have been incorporated into BackupBuddy and, once the beta period is finished, will be available to all of the plugin’s users with a simple upgrade.

In the beta announcement at PluginBuddy, Nina East listed off the various operations you can pull off with the latest BackupBuddy update:

  • Multisite restores,
  • Multisite migration,
  • Single site import into a Multisite network,
  • Migrate a single site from one network to another, and
  • Duplication of a site within a network.

If you’d like a quick demonstration, PluginBuddy’s own Ronald Huereca will walk you through the Multisite importing process in a video just after the jump. Oh, and don’t forget to check out the last searched phrase in his browser.

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VaultPress previews Multisite support, invites you to test it out


The VaultPress team must be looking for happy users, since they announced this week that Multisite support for VaultPress is on the radar and coming soon. It may not be the number one feature request they’ve seen, but it’s easily the number one feature request for VaultPress that I’ve seen.

Their post included a screenshot of VaultPress running in a Multisite installation of WordPress, just to tease eager users bit further. Shaun Andrews of the VaultPress team has also invited those users interested in joining their testing of the Multisite feature to contact them.

Will you be using VaultPress upcoming Multisite feature? Will it cause you to try VaultPress out for the first time, or have you been using VaultPress for a while and are just excited to use the new feature?

BackupBuddy Multisite add-on in beta, network to single export not yet in the cards


The folks at PluginBuddy have released an add-on to their WordPress backup plugin BackupBuddy called BackupBuddy Multisite. The new addition to BackupBuddy will allow for migrations from a standalone WordPress site over to an established Multisite installation.

As PluginBuddy’s Ronald Huereca explained, a normal export and import into a Multisite installation won’t bring with it active plugins, theme settings and widgets, necessitating a special tool for an easy site migration.

Check out the video demo of the new add-on just after the jump.

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Pro Theme Design launches true testing bed for themes, new blog devoted to Elemental


This piece of news falls under the “cool news we didn’t quite get to right when it happened” category. Ben Gillbanks of Pro Theme Design (which survived Round 1 of Theme Madness and will play again next week) launched a new testing ground for their paid WordPress themes.

Instead of a demo filled with example content, potential customers can now create a site using WordPress Multisite and apply a theme they would like to test out. Then, the theme can be used in just about every which way (aside from modifying its files, of course) to give the user a solid idea of what to expect when they purchase and install it.

What about all of the extra demonstration sites cluttering up Pro Theme Design’s world wide home? They thought of that: all created sites are cleared out every 36 hours. What do you think of this method, and have you seen any other theme developers or services using it?

While you’re digging into noteworthy Pro Theme Design activity, have a look at their blog for Elemental theme users and developers called Elemental Hub.

Interview with Ron and Andrea Rennick, WordPress gurus (plus a discount code)


I’m very pleased to say that I recently had the opportunity to interview Ron and Andrea Rennick. They are two very valuable contributors to the WordPress project. Their expertise is WordPress Multisite, and much of their business today is around Multisite plugins, WordPress ebooks, and development specifically for multisite.

If you’d like, jump straight into the interview:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

The download link and information about the discount code are just after the jump.

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Network Roles for WordPress Multisite plugin for half price at WP eBooks


Network Roles, currently in beta from the folks at WP eBooks, is now on sale for half price until he plugin comes out of beta. Andrea Rennick explains that the sale is to help them test the plugin on more WordPress installations:

Our latest plugin needs a beta test, so we thought we’d do something a little different. You can purchase the plugin for HALF PRICE while it is in beta. As far as we can tell, it works perfectly fine, we just haven’t been able to test it in all situations. So, give it a whirl, have fun and please report back to us.

The plugin adds the ability to assign roles to users that will carry across the entire WordPress Multisite network. For a full demo of the plugin, see Rennick’s screencast just after the jump.

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How to map domains to sites within WordPress multisite


One of the coolest (if not the coolest) parts of running a WordPress Multisite installation is mapping domains to turn network sites into unique domains that can carry their own identity. I’ve been using, and enjoying, this technique for some time now. WPCandy is a mapped domain, in fact, on top of the GooRoo primary domain.

If you are yet to get your feet wet with domain mapping and WordPress, this is the tutorial for you. We’re going to walk through what we need to get started and the best way to map the domains to our multisite installations.

Let’s get started!

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Multisite isn’t simple enough for users. And it shouldn’t be.


A weekly editorial, from Ryan Imel the editor of WPCandy

This may sound funny coming from someone who has written tutorials on setting up multisite and presented on the topic too, but: WordPress Multisite is not simple enough for users. Just anyone can’t enable it and run it, as well as administer it correctly. For those users who gravitate toward WordPress’ simplicity, multisite doesn’t really follow suit.

And that’s a good thing.

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