What might the WordPress project learn from Svbtle?


A few weeks ago Dustin Curtis (designer/blogger/self-described Villain) wrote about his experimental new blog network called Svbtle. Svbtle is the codename of both the network and the content management system running he created to run it. Curtis said that he decided to create his own blogging solution after being “irritated by the complexity and uninspiring nature of most blogging platforms.” Along with a minimalistic design and approach to blogging, Curtis is also (currently) only allowing those bloggers onto the network who he has invited on board.

Since the announcement in March, Svbtle has seen a bit of attention.[ref]Dustin Curtis announced Svbtle on his blog. TechCrunch covered the Svbtle launchThe Verge covered the Svbtle launch.[/ref] Soon after someone else released an open source clone of Svbtle on Github, which itself caused a heated discussion on Hacker News.[ref]The discussion on Hacker News is worth a read, but isn’t what I’m focused on here.[/ref]

There are 23 members of Svbtle right now. A number of them have run their blog on WordPress before. A handful of the Svbtle members were using WordPress to power their blogs immediately before switching to Svbtle. It’s easy to write that off as little more than excitement over something new and exclusive, but perhaps there’s more to it.

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