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I had a few minutes at Starbucks before a client meeting yesterday so I decided to tackle the next plugin on my idea list. With the Login Logo plugin, you change the logo on WordPress’s login screen to an image of your choice via a simple options screen.

It’s pretty much a simple two-step process. First, you upload the desired logo with the built-in (meaning framed) uploader. The dimensions can’t exceed 290px by 100px or it’ll get chopped off.

Finally just copy and paste the URL for the image into the Image URL box and hit update. Return to your site’s login screen to see the new logo above the login box.

Download it now!

37 thoughts on “WPCandy’s Login Logo Plugin

  1. nice idea, but can’t you cut it from two steps to one? Can’t be that hard to get the URL from the framed uploaded image?

  2. Nice idea, but if one’s website is going to have registered users and logging in regularly, it makes sense to go the full distance — as it were — and properly design a fully-customised login page.

  3. @bram – I’ll look into it.

    @joshua – at that point I think it’s best to just code it yourself. This plugin just brands the page a big, nothing special.

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  5. I’ve seen a few things like this before, but what I like about this one is the way it makes use of the fact that in WordPress 2.5, the logo is on its own on a white background, meaning that the process is nice and simple. Nice one guys.

  6. I was just thinking too, it might be a cool added option to change the logo link from wordpress.org to your website url. in case you’ve got a few people logging into your site to write, or even readers, they don’t mistakenly click the logo and go away from your site.

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  23. Two steps! This is outrageous. I don’t have all day… JUST KIDDING! This is an awesome plugin. Thanks for the help.

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  25. That was SOOOO much easier than another plugin I tried. Just used jing to capture my logo from my theme, loaded the plugin, activated, loaded logo, cut n paste url and hey presto. Does the job for me! Thanks!

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