WPCandy v1 WordPress Theme


As the proud owner and creator of WPCandy, I am pleased to present you my very first public WordPress theme. I’m not very creative with names, so I’ll just be releasing the theme as WPCandy v1, since after all, it was the WPCandy’s first theme. If you’re a long time visitor/reader of WPCandy, you’ll probably know which theme I’m referring to. Let’s find out more about this theme, shall we?

Included Features

  • Scrollovers navigation
  • Widget-ready sidebar
  • Valid CSS/XHTML
  • Page templates:
    • Archives
    • Links

Live Demo

A live demo of this theme can be found here.



If you have any comments, questions, or concerns about this theme please contact me through the contact form.

Other Notes

  • I’ve included a readme.txt file in this theme so please read it. It contains crucial information about this theme.
  • A PSD of the logo has been included in the download folder


WPCandy v1 WordPress Theme


Version 1.0 – First Release
Version 1.1 – IE7 Footer Bug Fixed
Version 1.2 – Post Nav Link Bug Fixed

105 thoughts on “WPCandy v1 WordPress Theme

  1. Very nice! This is most welcome for some people I bet, and I think also a great way of winning some new visitors!

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  5. There is a bug at the end os single pages? I cant see the Submit when the sidebar is too short.

    Anyway, its a gr8 theme! Gratz

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  8. sweet as candy, simple yet classy. while everyone is diggin in outlandish display of graphics, you created a simple and elegant (almost) purely text-based template.

    i’ll try it on one of my blogs.

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  10. @Michael Castilla – I probably didn’t word that in the best way, I would like to add the list of tags to each post.

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  13. Yea works to a charm.

    If its outta place, just play about with the padding in the css or just move your text up near the top and right to the left 😛 on the psd.

    Good luck get back to us, let us know if it worked for you.

  14. Michael.

    1 Thing mate. I dont know if anyone else has commented with this, well none that i have seen. But in FF, i dunno about IE, but FF, when you scroll to the botom of the page, and try to click the edit link for the post, it doesnt let ya.

    I dont know if its just me, does it happen for you?

  15. Like the last post on the page, of this theme.

    If your loged in as admin, and try to click the edit button it doesnt work. lol.

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  17. @Michael Castilla – Almost there, I can see that there is no white border now, but, it is still not aligned properly, I opened the PSD file and edited the text, I have not done any re-sizing.

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  23. Nav Links stay green in FF, but in IE 7, Home stays green, and the rest are white. But still no rollover effect 😀

    What the hell ? 😛

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  25. @Michael

    I tried all of the methods listed in the comments and in the original post itself and I’m still coming up with garbage as a result. Nothing approaching the quality of the default logo. I e-mailed you with a PSD earlier to see if you advise me on what was going wrong, but received no response (leading me to think it may have been spam).

    With the disappeared background, dither to 242424, GIF and all that jazz I end up with what was once beautiful text based entirely on the original logo, but with my site’s name, surrounded by like a halo of fuzzy whiteness. It’s quite strange.

    Could you e-mail me and give me a hand? I can’t figure out what’s wrong and love the theme too much to give up on it. This is really the last thing I need to change before it’s perfect!

  26. Hey Michael.

    I’ve started using WP Candy as the theme for my blog and am very impressed with it. The problem I have come across is that there are no scroll-overs in the header – could this be because I have WP 2.5?



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  30. The scrollovers don’t work! I’ve tried everything to fix them, but I had no luck. Can anyone help me?

  31. I was just curious – I really like your wpcandy 1 theme – can we use the design for non-word press stuff? I was just curious – I wanted to play with it in a new rails app I am working on.


  32. Great theme! One question, though. I’d like MY logo to be 2-3X larger. Is there a way for me to do that without messing up the header/navbar? Or am I asking for trouble? Thanks!

  33. Looking for a name for this?

    Why not “Maximize Content” or something like that.
    I love the fact that you have a minimal header, so people don’t have to scroll right away.
    Why do so many theme writers seem to like that kind of theme?

  34. I have just down loaded
    WPCandy v1 WordPress Theme
    but I the the last date that there seems to be any modifications is 18/3/08.
    Is this the latest version?
    I see that there have been fixes after this date

    Love the look of this but I am too computer illiterate to be able
    to fix anything my self.

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  38. Hi, I really like theme but i can’t use it because it doesn’t fit the whole screen. How do I make it fit the whole screen? I know that I have to modify something in one of the css files but which file is it and what do I modify? Please help me.

    Thank you.

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  42. I reallllyyyy like this theme..
    Simple, yet beautiful.. ^w^

    But.. I wonder if you could add support for gravatar, so that we don’t have to manually edit the theme.. 🙁

    I’ll look forward for it..
    Thanks.. ^^

  43. compatible WP 2.9 ?
    he takes over the function of miniatures? Can I add a slide as Featured Content Gallery?
    Thank you

  44. Those comments above RE:Download link not working,
    I had a similar issue…

    Right click on the link and “Save As”..

    Works fine. 😉

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