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Alright, who’s up for a free WordPress Reference Guide? Pfft I know I am! Well a few months ago I was looking for a simple web page or PDF where I could copy and paste the PHP snippets for WordPress. After a bit of researching, I never really found what I was looking for! Shame huh?

I’m proud to introduce you to my new friend!

So lucky you, I’ve made a free WordPress Reference Guide where you can copy some PHP snippets used for WordPress. I know I sound lazy, but after working with a ton of WordPress themes, this will come in handy. I’ve also included the main/basic PHP files you should always include when developing a WordPress theme.

Of course, the Reference Guide doesn’t have every single PHP snippet made for WordPress, but it has the basic ones that I and most people use. If you have a suggestion or comment to help better the Reference Guide, please feel free to comment below!

Thank you for checking out the Reference Guide, and I hope you enjoy it!

WPCandy’s Free WordPress Reference Guide

4 thoughts on “WordPress Reference Guide

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  2. Oh come on, there are no examples, it’s not even index or semantically-linked, it’s not separated into useful categories or uses, it’s bare bones text that is already available on the Codex website, which is where developers will end up anyway. Copying and pasting chunks of text does not maketh a guide.

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