WPCandy WordCamp St. Louis Liveblog


Today is WordCamp St. Louis, which means it’s time for another WPCandy Liveblog. I’m on site, thanks to an overnight drive into town, so this should be another lively one.

There are three sessions running at any one time, and Matt Mullenweg will be running the keynote at the end of the day. It should be fun! Let’s get to it.


2 thoughts on “WPCandy WordCamp St. Louis Liveblog

  1. Following your minute-by-minute coverage of the WCSTL has got to be the most riveting event since Al Smith lost the presidential election in 1928, despite the fact that he had the Roman Catholic vote!
    I’m kidding… You are doing an exceptional job covering everything given what you have to work with. On top of that, I wish I had your job. Sounds fun.

    But I’m sure many people are following your posts. I am to new to WordPress to have any questions by proxy for the speakers. But I am sure all of the attendees are getting a wealth of an education.

    Keep up the good work! I have the volume on my RSS feed set high!

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