The WPCandy WordCamp Seattle 2011 Liveblog


WPCandy will be at WordCamp Seattle this weekend (see all of our coverage), and of course it wouldn’t be a proper WordCamp without a WPCandy liveblog. This is the post to bookmark and watch: we’ll be updating this liveblog from now until we head back on Sunday. The real interesting stuff will come during the speaker’s sessions tomorrow, of course, which is when we’ll really be updating this liveblog the most.

Liveblog starts just after the jump! (Just a heads up: due to changing the time zone to be correct right after the first session, the order of entries is off for a couple of hours. Just to keep things interesting.)


4 thoughts on “The WPCandy WordCamp Seattle 2011 Liveblog

  1. Look forward to reading your post later this evening after showing a friend around Seattle today. We communicated a few weeks ago when I did the $10 post sponsor for my book and hosting company They gave away several copies of my book “Promote Your Business or Cause Using Social Media” at the event. I was so tired yesterday that I didn’t do much except list and take notes. I see that I’m in a few of the photos above. 🙂 Thanks for the awesome shirts and I was happy that you had 2XL for us bigger guys.

    DJ Smith
    Boise, ID

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