The WPCandy WordCamp San Diego Liveblog


It’s that time again: a WordCamp is happening somewhere in the world, and WPCandy is represented on the ground to cover it with a liveblog. San Diego is looking to be a great event, with a number of great speakers and finishing off with Matt Mullenweg at the end of the day. Keep an eye on this liveblog so you don’t miss anything!

All the fun livebloggy goodness starts just after the jump.


7 thoughts on “The WPCandy WordCamp San Diego Liveblog

  1. Rob, Scott, Ryan – nice work , interesting snippets .. interesting to read :
    “Matt has plans for simplifying the user experience in WordPress. It is too overwhelming for new users.” “The WordPress dashboard is a level 10 boss monster” -MM … ..plans?? Ryan … is that your next blog topic ??… 🙂

  2. Thanks Michael. I was really happy to hear Matt echo my own feelings about WordPress, that it is too complex for beginners. I get a lot of feedback from clients who have trouble when they are first starting out, so it will be interesting to see what the WP dev team does to simplify things.

    • @Scott – yes I think that you are right and definitely not alone with that view ….. MM is a clever guy, as is the crew around him and he has clearly picked up alot of feedback fron his recent WordCamp question and answer sessions – I particularly was impressed when he said ” The software is at fault, not the people” … a discussion linked to on his website ….WordPress is awesome in terms of its capabilities and the barriers it breaksdown in terms of new developments but for beginners it can be a beast to tame at times …

      I do think though that the dev team need alot more feedback and support in order to know exactly what people want and how they can help deal with the problem – –Regards

  3. Is this website still alive? Haven’t been any real updates for a while now… even the daily plugin show seems to have died?!

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