The WPCandy WordCamp Nashville Liveblog


This weekend I’m attending the first ever WordCamp Nashville, and am excited to also be running the first ever liveblog for a WordCamp Nashville. Okay, so their “first time” is a bit more special than mine, but we’ll still have fun today.

If you’ve never read through a WPCandy liveblog before, basically this post will continue to update throughout the day with bits from the event, both from my point of view and others who might be attending. If you’re at WordCamp Nashville today and would like to take part in the liveblog today, just let me know in the comments or via Twitter.

The fun starts just after the jump!


2 thoughts on “The WPCandy WordCamp Nashville Liveblog

  1. Hi Ryan and thank you for covering this event. I’m a ‘Presser in Nashville and it was wonderful to attend such an event and meet the community here. Lots of fantastic connections made!

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