5 thoughts on “WPCandy WordCamp Detroit 2011 Liveblog

  1. We released the WordPress Game Show played at WordCamp Detroit for anyone to play! http://www.wpgameshow.com

    We also plan to release the theme (with the custom post type configurations) to make your own trivia game with WordPress! More details soon…

  2. Aw man, I was really bummed to miss out. I knew I was gambling when I bought tix for the wife and I. Too much school work (finals week) combined with leaking plumbing and other crap around the house told me it wouldn’t be responsible to go. How was it overall?

  3. Living in Canada isn’t so bad, but you’re right … being an hour earlier than the rest of civilization can be taxing. It was great meeting your team in Detroit, love your site.

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