The WPCandy WordCamp Columbus Liveblog


It’s been far too long since the last WPCandy Liveblog. Are you excited? I’m excited.

This weekend I’ll be spending the weekend in Columbus, Ohio, speaking about WordPress and spending time with other members of the community at WordCamp Columbus. Thing is, it’s just not possible for everyone who wants to be in Columbus to be in Columbus. That’s what this liveblog is for.

I’ll be sharing the events of the weekend here — photos, tweets, whatever — and hopefully it will end up as a helpful byproduct of the event. If you’re going to Columbus yourself and would like to partake of the liveblogging fun, just say so in the comments or on Twitter.

Liveblog begins just after the jump.


2 thoughts on “The WPCandy WordCamp Columbus Liveblog

  1. Hey Ryan… Looks like you are in the same room that I am… can’t spot you though… you’re in stealth mode I guess.

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