You don’t need any plugins

6 support forum wizard elf Ipstenu, on her blog:

For most blogs, you really don’t need plugins. If you pull your site back to the things youmust have, you get a better understanding of what your site is. Once you look at your site ‘naked,’ with no plugins at all, you can start to add plugins back in.

I’m reminded of my editorial on using plugins. I agree with her here, though my editorial looks at plugin usage from a different angle.

6 thoughts on “You don’t need any plugins

  1. Everytime someone tells me I’m running a lot of plugins, or I’m running too many plugins, I always think back to your editorial.

  2. I think there is a fine line between need and want. While the majority of the plugins I run are what I would classify as want ie: they add bits of functionality I find useful, I have a handful that are security related. Are they needs or wants? That’s debatable. Do you need a lock on your front door or do you want one?

  3. It’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean 😉 As long as the plugins are useful and have purpose, you’re fine.

    Until it crashes your site. Then you reconsider your options.

  4. This is very true for a lot of users who are using WordPress strictly for blogging. But these days that is just one segment of the WordPress community.

    The majority of our users are not using WordPress as a blog, or the blog is just one piece of their overall site that is powered by WordPress.

    This is also the same segment of the population that purchases commercial WordPress themes.

    There isn’t a single WordPress community. There are many niches within the community and blogging is just one of them.

  5. That’s true. Sometimes I meet people whos blogs looks like christmas tree… with full of plugins which the most of them are useless. Lot’s of things we can do without plugins.

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