WordPress in place of Sharepoint


Joe Flood pitches the advantages of using WordPress and assorted plugins as your Intranet, in place of more bloated systems:

By using WordPress, you turn “add this information to the Intranet” from a frustrating task into something as simple as blogging. And just think how good your Intranet could be if people actually wanted to contribute to it.

One thought on “WordPress in place of Sharepoint

  1. WordPress is not meant to do everything, and replacing SharePoint completely is one of those things that it shouldn’t!

    WordPress is a great counterpart to SharePoint in terms of managing informational websites and other intranet related website stuff, but it’s not suitable to replace document repositories and other functions handled by SharePoint, Documentum, and other targeted document management suites in the enterprise.

    Use WordPress together with these tools, you have a winner to fill a big gap in intranets across the world, true content publishing and management. It enables you to easily manage department, organizational websites with governance to ensure business requirements are being met, but allows you to distribute content creation to the content owners which is who should be working through the creation process.

    Anyway, ya. 🙂


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