WordPress Community News #3


Win An All-Inclusive Premium News Theme Developer’s Package

Adii is running a special until Sunday, May 25th, where you can purchase 2 Premium News Themes, for the price of one. In spirit of this new special, Adii has also been kind enough to sponsor a mini contest over here at WPCandy. All you gotta do is purchase one of the Premium News Themes, leave a comment on this post and on Adii’s post saying you’ve purchased a theme, and you’ll automatically be entered into the contest. A random winner will be chosen from the participants and will receive An All-Inclusive Premium News Theme Developer’s Package, worth $499.95, for free. Participants also have until Sunday to enter.

Adobe Prefers WordPress Over Movable Type

It looks like Adobe prefers WordPress over Movable Type. Enough to display it publicly in the sidebar of their Penguin.SWF blog. The question is, why is Adobe using Movable Type if WordPress is clearly the better of the two?

Installing WordPress On A USB Stick

Love to tweak your site’s theme while on the go, but don’t want to mess with the live copy? Learn how to install a local copy of WordPress on a USB drive. You geek.

Should WordPress Have Its Own CSS Framework?

Andrew of WP-Fun has brought up an interesting point about whether WordPress should have it’s own CSS Framework to make it easier when developing themes. I think this is an interesting idea that should be looked over by the Automatticans.

24 Ways To Contribute To WordPress

Wanna help out in the WordPress community? Jeff of Weblog Tools Collection has written up a great post on 24 different, both direct and indirect, ways, to contribute to the WordPress.org project.

3 thoughts on “WordPress Community News #3

  1. I get frustrated if I’m away from my laptop and I know there is something that I want to do on my site, so the USB method looks pretty interesting.

    As for the CSS framework, I’m not so sure, all themes are so different, I don’t really see what purpose it serves.

  2. Wow installing on a usb drive hmmm I think they need to get an iPhone on screen editor made so that I can sit on the bus and develop themes.

    Some good stuff mike i like it.

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