WordPress Community Links: talk about WordPress from Tumblr edition


3.1 Giftwrapped

It’s been a couple of weeks since the last community links post, so this time around we’re including what we could find this week plus some of the best of last week.

Because 3.1 was shipped this week, we’re giving you a present; a special WordPress 3.1 section, where we put together the 3.1 specific posts since release in their own special little section.

Links are after the jump.

WordPress 3.1 Special Section

  • The official WordPress release post.
  • John O’Nolan, of the WordPress UI team, shared his thoughts on the new admin bar in WordPress 3.1. Yes, he wrote it on Tumblr.
  • The WordCast team takes a look at the man behind the name of 3.1, Django Reinhardt.
  • WPVibe shares their favorite parts of 3.1.
  • WPBeginner did a roundup of 3.1 features.
  • Sarah Gooding created an infographic for 3.1 at wpmu.org.
  • SitePoint shared what’s new in 3.1.
  • Lorelle also did a nice bit on her favorite parts.
  • Christina Warren shared what’s new on the user side of things at Mashable.
  • And of course I hope you don’t forget our very own mashup of what’s new and exciting in WordPress 3.1.

We’ve got quite a few blog posts you might like to catch up on.

Check out these tutorials that are certainly worth a read.

There are a few good resources this week you might like.

  • Siobhan Ambrose at the WPMU blog has a fun roundup of tools that various WordPress developers and bloggers use. You may recognize someone from WPCandy on there.
  • There’s a new tool out there we’d like to show you to sort themes. It’s called… wait for it… ThemeSorter.
  • The HitchHacker put up a WordPress syntax for Coda, created by parsing WordPress documentation. Pretty snazzy.
  • Elegant Themes posted new documentation that has Everything You Need to Know About ET.”
  • James Dalman shared part two of how to choose a WordPress theme over at WP Design Coach.

That’s it for WordPress community links this week. If you run across something link worthy, don’t hesitate to let us know about it. If it’s worth a story we’ll jump on it, and if it’s best suited for a community news post it will show up in this space next week.

8 thoughts on “WordPress Community Links: talk about WordPress from Tumblr edition

  1. “John O’Nolan, of the WordPress UI team, shared his thoughts on the new admin bar in WordPress 3.1. Yes, he wrote it on Tumblr.”

    Congrats – you’re about the 5th person to go for that cheap shot. I did indeed write the post on Tumblr. I also choose to use screwdrivers on screws, hammers on nails, and wrenches on bolts. I use different tools for different purposes, because that’s exactly what they were created for.

    • It’s a joke, John. I have no issue with Tumblr or anyone using it.

      I’d rather relate it to a forklift that lifts a crate of forks (Mitch Hedburg joke I think). There is nothing wrong with it, it’s just funny.

      Sorry if I offended.

  2. Think John’s post is spot on regarding the admin bar. I personally love it and find it great for the end-user, but completely understand the different positions on it.

    Nice collections of articles & news, thanks for the plug too.


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