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While at WordCamp Dallas last weekend, Matt Mullenweg talked a bit about WordPress 2.6 and what’s to come with it. It seems someone in the audience managed to get it all on tape too!

Throughout the video, Matt touches on some WordPress Stats, the WordPress Theme Marketplace, and posting with WordPress via mobiles.

Maybe in the near future, I’ll write up a post on what I would personally like to see in WordPress 2.6.

19 thoughts on “WordPress 2.6

  1. Glad this isn’t a rickroll Michael! Great to see them thinking into the future, Hope to update to 2.5 today or tomorrow when my installer script gets it.

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  3. I hope that WordPress 2.6 is a cleaned up version, with uniformity in tag conventions. Right now it’s still all over the shop with redundancy.

    One thing that I miss (they killed features gah), is the plugin update tracker, which would tell if you had the latest plugin update or not.

    Also, it’s annoying that all the cat selections and tagging has been dropped much further out of reach in the post editor, which means you have to scroll to hit the options you want before making a post. – So an improvement in ergonomic posting would be a plus.

  4. I am most impressed with getting some better mobile posting options. Even on the iPhone creating any kind of post is completely unfeasible and I am interested to see how they will tackle this from a usability standpoint.

    Also I am really curious whether a a marketplace for themes will solve anything. There are soo many horribly designed and options with hidden spam content and I don’t think they will disappear anytime soon. Hopefully this marketplace will not be too limiting to the creators yet still keep out the bad options.

  5. 2.5 then stright to thinking about 2.6. LoL Weee.

    Will take a good while tho, so ill give ideas etc.. when its nearing its release 😛

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