WordCamp San Francisco sponsor prices cause a stir


The WordCamp San Francisco 2012 sponsorship pricing page went up today, and discussion ramped up around Tony Perez’s blog post about it. He said:

My bigger issue is with the “Do as I say, not as I do” mentality. I fail to see how this camp is any different than any other. I have heard the rumors yes, the plan is to change the name and make it the one true WordPress conference. Great, then change the name and differentiate it, don’t hold it under the same name, hold everyone to one standard, and yourself to another.

Automatticians Evan Solomon and Jane Wells spoke up in the comments to respond to concerns. Wells explained, among other things, why San Francisco is still called a WordCamp:

Matt has not felt the need to change the name to differentiate, in part because most of the community already knows it’s different and in part because as the founder of WordCamp, with an event in SF, he’s attached to it.

The post and comment thread are both worth a read through, particularly if you’ve been confused about how WordCamp San Francisco differs from other WordCamps. I’d also recommend checking out Jane’s post announcing WordCamp San Francisco 2011, which further explains the thought process behind keeping it named WordCamp.

3 thoughts on “WordCamp San Francisco sponsor prices cause a stir

  1. I’m a bit frustrated with the lack of tables and smaller sponsorship spots. Just doesn’t seem a lot of value in the top end of spots, and I think it would be much better if there was a big room for a lot of the WP related companies could put up a table and get a big room of discussion going.

    The tracks are great, but anything to encourage more talking would be great,
    Thanks, Ben

  2. LOL. This fellow Matt engages in tortuous logic and it’s amusing to see this and the responses to it.

    Come on Matt boy! What else do you think? No one is dying to know.

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