Why Brian Gardner left his solo gig to form Copyblogger Media


Brian Gardner shares thoughts and feelings that any solo entrepreneur can relate to:

As owner (and every other position) of StudioPress at the time, I was in charge of all aspects of the business. Customer service and pre-sales questions were for me to attend to. In addition to accounting, product development, support, et all.

The appeal of joining forces with others and deflecting that correspondance was something I couldn’t deny.

3 thoughts on “Why Brian Gardner left his solo gig to form Copyblogger Media

  1. Like I’ve said elsewhere – people don’t scale. 🙂 Lots of good stuff in the comments too, especially from other solo overworked entrepreneurs.

    Either it’s time for some massive hiring efforts or time for some merging. Or both!

  2. That’s the beauty of hiring on time. We get a constant flow of CVs through our “we’re hiring” page. Honestly, right now, we’re fully staffed, but when we get an exceptional CV, we still hire. Then, we accelerate something that was a bit dormant.

    Guess what? Over time, the business grows, sales grow and clients are happy. That’s because we hire great people, when they come our way and not the first Joe when we’re suffocating.

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