Community Roundup: The Many Uses of WordPress


In an effort to keep up to date on the weekly news within the WordPress community, well known WordPress blogger Jeff Chandler has prepared a community roundup post for us. If you come across any news (or create any yourself) feel free to drop a post in the Theme Playground forum and we’ll try and include it in next week’s roundup. — Ed.

Another Font Technique For WordPress Designers

SitePoint takes a look at a technique which uses Cufon, a method of text replacement which uses JavaScript to replace HTML text with canvas elements. Could this be the answer designers are looking for?

Popularity Contest 2.0 Beta 2 Released

Alex King has released beta 2 of his popularity contest plugin. Since beta 1, a number of things have been added or changed such as tag reports, bug fixes, etc.

Using WordPress As An Internal Communications Tool

ITBusinessEdge describes how WordPress can be used as an internal communications tool. While WordPress is most known for its blogging capabilities, this article points out that there is nothing preventing it from being used as a communications medium for intranets. Is A News Source

Ignoring the political stuff within the post, it’s funny to see someone cite as the originator of the information presented in the ad. The follow up comments make for interesting reading as well when it comes to who gets the citation.

Open Source Versus The Cloud

Matt Mullenweg who recently spoke on a panel at GigaOm’s Structure 2009 conference in San Francisco had a lot to say regarding using open source alternatives versus cloud solutions. Definitely worth a read as there are a number of great quotes by Matt, this one being my favorite:

“My challenge to everyone competing with Amazon, Google and Microsoft is to remember that you’re competing with Amazon, Google and Microsoft,” he said. “These are strong technology companies, and if you’re going to compete with them, open source is the only way to do that. Otherwise, you have no leverage.”

The BuddyPress Revolution

Alex Denning over at WPHacks provides some insight into what he believes will be a revolution centered around BuddyPress, especially when it becomes available for the stand alone version of WordPress.

Some Hacks For You

I’ll end this weeks community report by linking to some useful articles containing hacks for WordPress.

2 thoughts on “Community Roundup: The Many Uses of WordPress

  1. I use WordPress as an Internal Communications Tool when I need to communicate with other group members for a project. It makes it a lot easier than email when you have more than two people and it allows there to be more than one conversation going on at once. Funny you happen to mention it this week, because I just got an instance of it running a couple of days ago.

    • I think that’s one area where we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg with P2. Just out of curiosity, is that what you’re using for your internal communications?

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