Tips for Writing Good WordPress Tips, from Lorelle


The Blog Herald has a very applicable post up right now by Lorelle called Tips for Writing Good WordPress Tips. It’s all about good practice and technique when it comes to creating great material focusing on WordPress. I found it an educational read in some respects, and a review in some others.

Overall we scored pretty well on her points. Here are a couple of the really strong ones (editor’s marks emphasized).

  • Spell WordPress and Plugins right. Wow, good one. We will be doing this from now on. Ouch.
  • Publish your code to be copied and pasted directly.
  • Provide instructions in a step-by-step manner rather than paragraph-by-paragraph.
  • Make the content more important than the money-making process on your blog.
  • Provide links to related resources for substantiation as well as more information.

Some great thoughts. I look forward to implementing some of those thoughts around here. Thanks Lorelle!

Link via David Airey 

3 thoughts on “Tips for Writing Good WordPress Tips, from Lorelle

  1. Thanks. I was nervous about that post, but it’s important that this particular elephant come out of the closet. We do judge what we read, and if it doesn’t pass some basic tests in our heads, then why should we share and recommend it for our readers?

    And I’m glad you got the point on WordPress, though I see you haven’t fixed it yet in your categories, etc. 😀 Changing the letters will not change the permalink structure. That’s permanently lower case. hee hee.

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