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Developer Jason Bobich:

Why should you be limited to whatever features the theme author has stuffed in that may or may not be relevant to you? You should be able to choose your own SEO plugin to accomplish what you want.

A couple of months old, but still worth linking up. It’s great to see theme sellers on ThemeForest speaking out against others there following bad practices.

3 thoughts on “WordPress theme SEO marketing gimmick

  1. Absolutely right. 95% of SEO is Plugin Territory. Themes should use best-practice coding standards, and otherwise stay out of the way of Plugin functionality.

  2. Thanks for sharing my article, Ryan.

    In support for my themes, a very common I get asked is something along the lines of, “Can you explain how this theme incorporates SEO?” — Unfortunately as the conversation moves on, it becomes clear that their question generally stems from the fact that they don’t understand much about SEO to begin with. There’s nothing wrong with that, though. Who really does know anything about SEO any more, right?

    However, the bigger problem is that because so many theme authors are stuffing these so-called “SEO features” into their themes and using that as a marketing tool, now buyers are simply confused. This is what I think the bigger problem is. I hope more people can just start focusing on the quality of their content and sharing it with the Internet opposed to trying to “fake” these things. Google’s algorithm is way too smart for that these days and there’s really no point.

    And I have a little secret for everyone… Noone can say for sure, but I’m going to go out a limb and say that Google doesn’t actually use your meta keywords any more. And yes this is one of those famout “SEO features.” 😉

  3. In general, the less overlap between themes and existing top plugins the better. I completely agree with not overloading a theme with say a fancy form plugin when Gravity Forms will do quite nicely.

    And for sure I am sick of the META tag “features”. Weren’t they deprecated a half decade ago? thing is, no one knows for sure and who can take a chance with SEO?

    One thing I would really like to see is consistency among theses, especially in the “typography arena. Some themes I can change the font, but not the color or the size. Some the size but not the font, etc.

    My business is getting people started in WP. And the quicker I can get a theme to their needs the happier I am. And delving into CSS to change a font color is thrilling, but time consuming to me.

    I am very happy today because my WP Magazine FINALLY came in the mail! Thank you Ryan and thank you Jason for your great themes!

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