WordPress Community Links: The superior stamp edition


With another weekend comes another collection of community links. We’ve gathered together a collection of links from various corners of the WordPress community, and present them here for your approval.

If you have a link you think would make a good addition to next week’s collection, let us know.

First up we have blog posts that are worth your once-over:

Next up are tutorials, to increase the depth of your WordPress knowledge:

Finally we have resources that might be worth bookmarking and saving for later:

  • A new site launched this last week called Stampaxx with various social/web stamp icons, including a nice WordPress stamp.
  • Boone Gorges released a few lines of code that you might find useful if you have run into the issues with pagination that he has in the past.

And that does it for links this week. If you’ve found others, be sure to drop them in the comments below. Or, if you have a link you think should be in next week’s roundup, feel free to contact us.

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