Community links: Scaling WordPress edition


It’s the weekend, so of course it’s time to review what has been link-worthy within the WordPress community this week. This week we have a few solid editorials, a couple of interviews, and some insight into new features coming to WordPress 3.1.

Full list of links, after the jump.

In blog posts:

  • John James Jacoby was interviewed on the OpenCandy blog about the development of BuddyPress.
  • Webdesigner Depot has an editorial up worth reading, called Are too many WordPress theme sites hurting the industry?
  • has posted an interview with Lisa Sabin-Wilson, the author of WordPress for Dummies.
  • WordPress developer Gil Rutkowski put up a nice introduction to WordPress post formats over on his FlashingCursor blog. Keep in mind, of course, post formats are still in development; anything is subject to change.
  • Matt Mullenweg posted an editorial on 1.0 versions of software. If you ship software, you should read this one.
  • Brian Casel of ThemeJam redesigned his blog recently, and has posted a few really interesting things (including a new video interview with Dave Yankowiak that’s worth a watch).
  • Chip Bennett posted theme review stats on his blog. If you submit themes, or browse the directory at all, it’s interesting to see some of the background stats on how it all works.
  • The Interconnect IT blog has a nice walkthrough of how they maximized the performance of WordPress on a budget. If you run a large, heavily trafficked WordPress site, you want to read this.
  • John O’Nolan, from the WordPress UI team, was interviewed on the WordPress Community podcast this week.

New tutorials this week:

That’s it for links this week. If you run across something link worthy, don’t hesitate to let us know about it. If it’s worth a story we’ll jump on it, and if it’s best suited for a community news post it will show up in this space next week.

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