3 thoughts on “QR code that looks like the WordPress logo

  1. Why? QR codes are useful when they’re not being used for stupid crap by marketeers.

    They’re good for long URLs that are difficult to type on a phone keyboard. And you can make ones that will add an item to the phone’s contacts list or calendar. So a poster for an event could have a scannable code to add a calendar reminder, business cards could have codes to copy contact info over, etc.

    But really, QR codes are just two dimensional versions of barcodes, which enables them to store far more data. They could be used for practically anything, and have already been in common use by shipping companies like UPS and FedEx, as well as for their original purpose…automated inventory systems at automobile plants.

  2. I love QR codes, I am thinking of having a montage of them made into a giant sticker for the side of my car – It’ll be interesting to see if they work.

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