Community Roundup: The Pay-for-Plugins Edition

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In an effort to keep up to date on the weekly news within the WordPress community, well known WordPress blogger Jeff Chandler has prepared a community roundup post for us. If you come across any news (or create any yourself) feel free to drop a post in the Theme Playground forum and we’ll try and include it in next week’s roundup. — Ed.

WooThemes Goes GPL

Last week we told you that iThemes had switched their licensing to be fully supportive of the GPL. This week, it’s WooThemes making the announcement.

→ On the forum: A growing trend toward GPL support

WordPress As A Social Platform

Cozmoslabs published a great writeup earlier this week looking at how WordPress is becoming a social web platform.

Actions API And Widgets API

WPCandy gives us an inside look at the Actions API to show to the masses how it all works. Meanwhile, WooCamp (a new blog being published by WooThemes) gives us a breakdown of the Widgets API in WordPress 2.8 for constructing widgets.

WordPress Freelance Work

Kyle Eslick gives us the lowdown on how to locate freelance work centered around WordPress.

When Should You Upgrade?

Another interesting post by the guys over at WPHacks which takes a look at the topic of when you should upgrade your site. Should it be immediately? Or should you wait for the point release?

Custom Read More Links

Jean-Baptiste Jung gives us a short and sweet recipe on how to create custom Read More links to be shown if you’re displaying an excerpt.

Have You Donated Yet?

The hottest topic this week in the WordPress community centers around plugin developers and the amount of money they receive through donations or in many cases, the lack of donations. has a good writeup on this subject as does Kevin Eklund of The bottom line: Plugin authors are not making a living through donations alone and some of them barely see anything in terms of donations. This has to change in one fashion or another and that is what the conversation is about.