Community Roundup: GPL, new sites launched

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In an effort to keep up to date on the weekly news within the WordPress community, well known WordPress blogger Jeff Chandler has prepared a community roundup post for us. If you come across any news (or create any yourself) feel free to drop a post in the Theme Playground forum and we’ll try and include it in next week’s roundup. — Ed. Launched logo

Darren Hoyt who is most well known for creating the Mimbo Pro theme for WordPress has launched a new project called WPTopics which is similar to AllTop but more focused on WordPress than other topics. Users can vote on the content they want to show up at the top.

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iThemes Now 100% GPL

Cory Miller has announced that iThemes which is a WordPress commercial themes provider will be going 100% GPL. This move will benefit both their customers and the WordPress community.

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Looking For GPL Commercial Theme Providers

Matt Mullenweg is on the lookout for commercial theme authors who operate their business along side the GPL. These businesses will be featured on a special page on as a reward for doing business in this way.

A New Series Plugin

Justin Tadlock, creator of the Theme Hybrid theme framework has released a new plugin that is based off of the new Taxonomy system in WordPress called Series. Series allows you to string together posts by using the built-in taxonomy system in WordPress.

On the topic of taxonomies, I highly recommend giving both of these articles a read: What are “custom taxonomies”? by Joost De Valk and Custom taxonomies in WordPress 2.8 by Justin Tadlock.

WordCamp Organization Advice

If you are thinking about putting together a WordCamp event of your own, you better read this awesome guide by Dougal Campbell. This article covers the majority of items you need to be concerned with when putting on a conference like WordCamp.

Call The WordPress Doctor

If you’re looking for another WordPress site to add to your RSS collection, add the WordPress which aims to showcase information on WordPress, both to new users and old covering both plugins and themes.

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