Community links: New mascot edition

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Where I live, the winter season means the days get shorter and night comes sooner. Interestingly, though, the shorter days have somehow coincided with more linkable WordPress content coming your way. Don’t try to understand it: just embrace it.

We have a slew of tutorials and resources this week, plus a number of fun blog posts and interviews. Links are just after the jump.

First of all, we have a number of interesting blog posts this week:

Next, we have a number of WordPress-specfiic tutorials:

Finally, we have a few resources and collections that are worth holding on to:

That’s it for links this week. If you run across something link worthy, don’t hesitate to let us know about it. If it’s worth a story we’ll jump on it, and if it’s best suited for a community news post it will show up in this space next week.