Moving the Upload/Insert icon into the toolbar


I caught this one on Twitter yesterday, and new UI ideas always get me excited. Thibaut Ninove, a web/UI designer from Belgium, has published his idea for moving the Upload/Insert icon from above the WYSIWYG editor and into the toolbar. He argues it could save space and makes more sense as a tool in the bar than in its current location.

I’m not completely behind this idea, but I would try it out if were a plugin.

10 thoughts on “Moving the Upload/Insert icon into the toolbar

  1. I’ll be honest, I like the proposal, although when I initially read the article I thought he was referring to the new Toolbar for WordPress 3.3, I was against that! 😉 I think it looks good, seriously. The way I see it, Media has something to do with the content, so why isn’t it part of the TinyMCE Editors Toolbar?

    As you pointed out Ryan, going with a plugin (for starters) would be a good idea to gauge initial response, and then put the proposal for WordPress Core to the Team, along with a working patch! — I’d more than gladly install it too!

    • I’d love to see someone put this together as a plugin or a core patch, assuming I don’t get around to it first. The mockups on his site look great and would definitely make for a better use of space.

    • The new feature pointers would really help communicate the change though. Assuming someone didn’t dismiss the pointer before reading it (hard to help those people), that should do the trick.

  2. I commented on his site but I’ll share the sentiment here- I think it looks really good. It simplifies the writing panel and I like that a lot. A small update like this could have a big impact.

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