Monday Morning Roundup – April 13, 2009


Happy Monday! Hopefully everyone had a good Easter. Our dinners were stuffing and I personally received enough jelly beans to last me for a year. Anyway, it’s been another interesting week in the WordPress-o-Sphere with some news about WordPress 2.8, a gripe about the theme directory, and even a WordPress Rap. Here’s a roundup of last week’s WordPress discussion.


WordPress LogoWordPress 2.8 is near! – the 2.8 codex page now states an April, 2009 release date, so hopefully things are on schedule at Automattic and we’ll be seeing another WordPress release this month! We’ll go into details later about the new features, but it looks like you can expect a slightly better theme and plugin editor, a better widget management interface, and a new widget API. Exciting! Full feature list »

Instant Findability – the search engine, which serves up millions of searches a month, just got a pretty sweet upgrade. “The instant you publish, searchers will see it at the top of the “most recent results” when they search for any terms in your post.” [Link]


The WordPress theme directory needs an upgrade – Justin Tadlock is unhappy with the last theme directory “upgrade” and asks for subversion access, which would provide better quality control within the theme directory instead of the lengthy submit-and-approve method. Good one. [Link]


How to Enable Sticky Posts in WordPress Themes – learn how to enable sticky posts, a new feature introduced with WordPress 2.7, in your themes. [Link]

7 WordPress Theme Trends & How to Implement Them Yourself – Ralph Damiano showcases seven of the most popular theme trends as of late, and then provides some resources and explanations on how to implement them yourself. [Link]

Interesting Finds

ThemeShaper Redesigns – ThemShaper, the blog of theme developer Ian Stewart and home to the popular theme framework Thematic, has just been redesigned. Looks good, Ian! [Link]

WordPress 2.7 Concepts – an interesting look at an alternate design concept of the new WordPress 2.7 admin. The one feature that caught my eye that isn’t in the current admin is the sophisticated media upload system with what appears to be easier ways to embed external media within your posts. [Link]

The WordPress Rap – in case you missed it, episode 50 of the WordCast podcast featured a WordPress Rap by Kym Huynh. WordPress Tavern has the MP3 version available for download.

Diggbar Remover Plugin – there’s been a lot of discussion lately about Digg‘s new DiggBar, a type of “bookmark bar” that’s automatically inserted at the top of every site linked from Apparently some people aren’t happy with the setup, so if you’re one of those people, here’s a plugin to block the bar from your website.

Media LibraryMedia Management in WordPress 2.9 – Jeff Chandler (or Jeffro, as he’s known as around the community) overviews one of the proposed wireframes for media management in WordPress 2.9, due for a fall 2009 release. [Link]

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  1. Thanks for the links Dan. Glad to hear you had a fulfilling Easter. What do you think of the proposed media management system for WordPress 2.9?

  2. @Jeffro anything that makes the media system better is welcome!! But yeah, I’m definitely in favor of rewriting the entire system to make for better organization. I’ve had to do a lot with galleries and stuff in a few projects lately, and it’s really been a mess.

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