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I listened to a really interested podcast last week: an interview with Matt Mullenweg, creator/founder of WordPress. Matt mentioned it today on his blog (good one to subscribe to, if you are a WordPress fan) and it reminded me that I took some notes to post for those who might be interested in the bullet points without spending a half an hour listening to the cast.

First off, there is a great topic-by-topic breakdown at Search-This, the site responsible for the interview. See the podcast page for a breakdown of the entire interview. I’m just going to mention my favorite parts.

  • Matt said that one of the biggest changes we’ll see in WordPress 2.4 (due early 2008, and delayed for the sake of the developers enjoying Christmas) will be in the interface. He didn’t go into detail, but just said that this will be the biggest interface update since 1.0. Any guesses as to what will change?
  • When asked if there were any Plugins that Matt would consider incorporating into WordPress by default (like what happened with sidebar widgets) Matt mentioned the Google Sitemaps Plugin, which creates a dynamic sitemap for your blog. See our tutorial on the Plugin or go to the Plugin’s site.
  • Matt also talked about the photo gallery Plugin he has in use on his own blog (heavily modified) which he would like to incorporate into WordPress at some point. I was glad he acknowledges that WordPress could improve the handling of uploaded images, since I have been thinking that for a while.
  • Some exciting news on bbPress, the forum developed by Automattic and in use currently as the support forums: Matt thinks highly of it, and recently hired on someone named Sam to work specifically on bbPress. Apparently, since bbPress came after WordPress, the code is even more beautiful than WordPress’ code is. They are planning a hosted version as well. It sounds like it would be a lot like the setup.

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