Lisa Sabin-Wilson is thankful for the WordPress economy


Lisa Sabin-Wilson, discussing a recent video interview she participated in:

…if it were not for the insane popularity and success of the WordPress software, as well as its open source nature and the GPL, the ‘WordPress Economy‘ (as it was put to me) would not be nearly as successful and strong as it now is today – – thank you, WordPress!

It doesn’t hurt to sit back sometimes and just be thankful to the WordPress project for the ways we can use it. Lisa’s also looking for freelancers in the new year, so use the contact information in that post to get in touch with her if you’d fit the bill. Be sure to send her your Pros URL, obviously.

2 thoughts on “Lisa Sabin-Wilson is thankful for the WordPress economy

  1. Hey Ryan – thanks much for mentioning this! Both about being thankful for WordPress, and for the mention of being on the lookout for freelancers. I’ve gotten some good feedback so far 🙂

    Happy holidays!

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