Gravatar saves a trip to the airport


Jane Wells nearly missed her flight to SXSW:

In this case the gravatar on my business card saved the day — and the SXSW WordPress Party, because if I’d had to drive home to get my ID, the chances of getting a new flight to Austin would have been pretty slim. So! The next time you’re having cards made, consider including your gravatar. It just might save you someday.

If you don’t have a Gravatar yet, you should seriously set one up already.

2 thoughts on “Gravatar saves a trip to the airport

  1. I want some cool Automattic business cards with my name on it, but I found out they’re not easy to buy in the shops? 🙁 Who knows when I might need to use it?

    • Only people who work for Automattic get Automattic business cards. Anyone can have their picture printed on their business cards…. real estate agents have been doing it for years. The choose-from-six-templates $9.95 for 1000 special at Staples won’t allow it, but any custom printing will do it. Online vendors like Vistaprint and MooCards can handle it as well.

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