WordPress Community Links: Gold star cookie edition


It’s time for another dose of community links, this time in delicious star cookie form. If you’re new to WPCandy, our Community Links roundups are ways for us to share link-worthy materials with you each week. We keep an eye out for interesting WordPress related blog posts, tutorials, and resource posts and hand deliver them to you. Why? Well, we just love you that much.

All the tasty links are just after the jump. As well as an explanation for the cookies.

First up we have blog posts. This week:

Next we have tutorials. Learn something:

Finally, we have resource posts. These might be worth bookmarking:

That’s it for this week’s community links. If you have a link you think should be in our weekly roundup, please do contact us.

4 thoughts on “WordPress Community Links: Gold star cookie edition

  1. Great post Ryan, thanks for the link!

    Also missing from the slideshow post are actual content sliders, such as bxSlider. Super easy to implement into WP, just doesn’t have a fancy website like Nivoslider ๐Ÿ˜‰

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