Community Link Roundup: Everything’s for sale

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In an effort to keep up to date on the weekly news within the WordPress community, well known WordPress blogger Jeff Chandler has prepared a community roundup post for us. If you come across any news (or create any yourself) feel free to drop a post in the Theme Playground forum and we’ll try and include it in next week’s roundup. — Ed.

Ryan Imel Giving The Deets On

Ryan Imel who we know and love through recently did an interview with where he outlined what the service is all about. I think it’s pretty cool to have a niche design service exclusively for the commenting section of WordPress sites. Make sure to check out the end of the article for an exclusive coupon code enabling you to get 50% off the price of a lifetime pass.

WPCult Up For Sale

Austin has decided that he no longer has the time to maintain the WordPress site, so he is putting it up for sale.

How To Filter The Read More Link

Justin Tadlock gives us a primer on how to use the filter the_content_more_link which was introduced in WordPress 2.8.

Show Your Post Word Count

WPRecipes provides a short and sweet block of code which enables you to add a function that displays the word count of a post.

Yoast To Produce Podcast

Joost de Valk looks prime to have a WordPress centric podcast of his own thanks to WebmasterRadio.FM. He’s looking for feedback regarding time slots and a name for the show.

Need More Contestants In The Plugin Competition

Ozh brings up an interesting point in that new WordPress plugins are being released everyday yet, they are not being entered into the competition. Ozh lays out a great series of points of what the competition is and is not.