Brad Williams, co-host with me and Dre on WP Late Night (he also does something else not nearly as cool), talking about the podcast on his blog. We determined during this week’s episode that WP Late Night is the most popular podcast on WPCandy, and since ours are the only podcasts about WordPress that we know of, it’s likely the most popular WordPress podcast anywhere at the moment.

5 thoughts on “Confirmed.

  1. Thank you for doing what you do…

    Unfortunately, many great WordPress podcasts are still MIA including WordCast, WordPress Weekly, & the WordPress Community Podcast.

    Your Website Engineer is a very good WordPress-centric podcast that is still current and has been posting episodes weekly since late 2010. I also know about WordPress Plug-ins A to Z (which I haven’t had a chance to listen to yet) that is also current and has seemed to be also posting regularly since late 2010.

  2. All it would take is for me to have some TIME to get a guest, ask the questions, and put together the show. However, TIME has been such a commodity lately. I spend little time in front of the PC during the week and that’s not how I do a good show. I hope I can produce something here in the next week or two.

    • Jeff,

      It certainly would be wonderful to have you back, but obviously life has to come first (a reason that I have had to put podcasts that I did for another industry on hold.) So I do understand. I am looking forward to your return, as I am sure are many in the community. I for one have been going through withdrawals since we haven’t had new podcasts from you, Dave & Kym and Joost for a while. Thankfully the WPCandy guys and Dustin from YWE have been able to step in and hold down the fort. Thank you to all of you for doing what you do.

      Take as much time as you need, Jeff… We will be waiting for you when you can return! Thanks.

      • LOL Brad…

        Nah, I just miss my favorite podcasts and podcasters and am always happy to have them back… Like when boagworld came back with its new format.

        Brad, I’m glad you’ve been staying active. I’ve followed you with WordPress Weekly, Sitepoint and WPCandy.

        I am also happy that WPCandy is carrying the torch as are Dustin from YWE and the guys at WordPress Plug-ins A to Z (which i finally had a chance to listen to and didn’t realize that a podcaster that I respect is involved with… It is also a great show.)

        What is cool though is no matter what, there always seems to be several quality WordPress centric podcasts active in the community at any given time…. even though some come and go and come back, there always seems to be a great WordPress podcaster community. From Charles Stricklin to Joost & Frederick, Jeff Chandler, Dave Royer, Kym Huynh & Lorelle, and now the numerous WP Candy podcasters and the guys at YWE & A to Z, I applaud all of you for all of your efforts throughout the years, this community is amazing!

        Keep up the great work… and if and when Jeff and the others decide to come back, the community will be here waiting for them with open arms, no pressure. 🙂

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