Buttons are for clicking


The post is a bit old, but I love Paris Vega’s thinking on the WordPress Upload/Insert button:

Frequently, clients who are staring at the WordPress content editing screen ask me, “How do I upload an image?” As an experienced WordPress user/designer/developer I used to get blown away by how silly such a question sounded. The button’s right there! But after running in to this problem again and again, I’ve decided the user is not at fault in this case.

The interface is deceptive. Let me explain…

One thought on “Buttons are for clicking

  1. Suggestions (and tickets) tend to work better when they have patches to go along with them.

    A patch to implement this idea was literally adding all of 7 characters:

    Just a tip for people making suggestions, code goes a lot further than descriptions. Even if the code isn’t the one used, it showcases the idea a lot better than blog posts and pictures do, to the developers, at least.

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