WordPress Community Links: Big stack of Dummies edition


It’s time yet again, my friends, for this week’s edition of WordPress Community Links. Each week we gather together all the best reading material the WordPress community has produced and present it here for you in a clean, straightforward list. If it isn’t quite news material, but is still interesting, it will show up here.

This week we have advice from industry leaders, tutorials for beginning bloggers and Multisite developers, and hopefully an editorial or two that will be a worthy over-coffee read. All the good stuff is just after the jump.

First up we have interesting blog posts:

  • Lisa Sabin-Wilson’s latest Dummies book was released on Amazon this week, and she shared a bit of a retrospective on the book’s creation on her blog.
  • Adii Pienaar wrote a bit about how he sees success in the small victories at WooThemes.
  • Alex Denning started a discussion about paid WordPress plugins at WPShout.
  • Siobhan Ambrose at WPMU.org thinks everyone should get a bit more creative with their product names.
  • Andrew Nacin posted a few ideas for how companies could contribute to the local D.C. WordPress community. His ideas and suggestions would be worthwhile in just about every local WordPress community.
  • Adam Warner interviewed WordPress user Brianna Karp on his blog.
  • This one didn’t happen this week, but a couple weeks ago and we missed it. Otto wrote up an editorial talking about the process of scanning for malicious code in WordPress.
  • Alec is an experienced developer who has worked with a number of content management systems in depth. In an editorial this week he shared his thoughts on all of them, including WordPress.
  • Pete Mall blogged about updating the UI on one of his plugins to fall in line with the default WordPress UI.

Next up are tutorials to feed your WordPress powered brain:

Finally, we have a few resources that you might want to bookmark:

  • The organizers of WordCamp Melbourne shared their survey results on their blog. If you’re participating in a WordCamp somewhere, these results might be interesting to you.
  • Brad Vincent assembled a list of alternatives to Akismet (hat tip Jeff for finding that one).
  • JT Pratt has posted a collection of 100 things you should know about WordPress. That’s probably a good place to start if you aren’t sure what you don’t know yet.

And that does it for links this week. If you’ve found others, be sure to drop them in the comments below. Or, if you have a link you think should be in next week’s roundup, feel free to contact us.

3 thoughts on “WordPress Community Links: Big stack of Dummies edition

  1. Thanks so much for linking to my interview with Brianna Karp. I think it serves as a testament to how things can change for the better once you get your story out there, and of course how WordPress served as a contact point between her and her those interested in her story, not to mention, potential employers and media people.

    p.s. Her site is undergoing a redesign today, so if you hit it and see a maintenance message, that’s me;)

  2. Thanks for the link love 🙂

    The comparison of various CMSes was very interesting too — it was good to see what someone who’s come from another CMS thinks of WordPress.

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